Dolls House Interior Designs.

The White & Blue Dolls Houses are examples of Design that can be created. The Interiors of the Dolls houses can include Hand Painted Murals for the Walls, painted & made furniture and found objects to suit the Individual Design. 

1:24 scale would be best suited for a teenager plus, as the pieces are so tiny. 1:12 scale would be best suited for a 5 year to 12 years old with Adult Supervision.

A fun project to experiment with wall murals, ideas and can be themed to clients experiences and Ideas. This house will be all evolving. All Wall Murals are hand-painted, furniture & objects.

One room or all rooms can be created for the Individual Design and Commissioned. Photo's of the Finished Layout will be emailed to Customers for the Interior Settings.


Please contact Jennifer for a quote on a commission - email -